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Updated: Jul 24, 2021

What started out as numerous complaints by John to MJ about how often he had to repeat his sharing on financial planning, insurance and the importance of investing to his peers has actually blossomed into a community that empowers the retail investor to manage his/her stock investments better.

Most people will complain about the current state of economic affairs. Most will also complain about how governments can do better for their citizens. We fully agree, no government is perfect and should always strive to improve. However, how about ourselves? What are circumstances within our control that we can do to better prepare ourselves and our families for the future? Rather than complaint, improve. Rather than be pessimistic, be an optimist. In other words, have you done any software upgrades recently?

It is also a common belief that you won't gain wealth by being an employee. But at the same time, it is also known that entrepreneurship is also saddled with a lot of risks and challenges that may even bankrupt some people.

Therefore, is there an opportunity for some who don't want to take on the full risk of entrepreneurship but ride the growth that these businesses and smart entrepreneurs have to offer?

We believe investing is the way, and that's why we love the study of businesses and entrepreneurship. And what better way to take part in all that energy and enthusiasm by these entrepreneurs through the stock market. Without fully assuming the risk of running a business.

Now they will be plenty of naysayers :

  • "The market is full of scams, manipulation".

  • "You can never make money unless you have inside information".

  • "Only high net worth individuals can make money from investing in the market".

My question I have for you is this.

  • How would you know of manipulation if you don't know what stock market manipulation is?

  • Do you know of individuals that have made money only from public information alone? Or do you have evidence to prove that you CAN ONLY make money from inside information?

  • Have you heard of journalists, engineers or even teachers that don't need to work for the rest of their lives just because they practised investing earlier in their lives and now reaping its rewards?

So rather than brush off things based on face value, empower yourself with the knowledge to know what's a scam and what's sustainable wealth creation. Don't just rely on surface or headline information. Take it one step further to level up and skill yourself to do better.

I conclude this first post with something that I spontaneous thought off.

"There's no growth in wealth when there's no growth in self." (John Huo - July 2021)

Happy investing!

This is our first blog post, stay tuned for more!

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