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Hey! I'm MJ

I create finance-based content online mainly through YouTube and Instagram.

I’m also a stock investor with more than 5 years of experience.

These 5 years of experience has allowed me to build a personal 6-figure portfolio

all before the age of 30.

It has also given something even more special…

As I am writing this, COVID-19 is happening.

People and businesses are panicking because of financial worries.

Because of the powerful money habits and investing skills that I’ve gained since age 21, I was in a peaceful and stable place during COVID-19.

But it was not always like this...

Do things in your 20s that a 40-year-old you will be proud of.

It’s the year 2014.

I just enrolled in university to study business, 1 year LATER than most of my friends.

Feeling pretty left behind, I got discouraged.

Then, the subjects I was studying were boring AF. No disrespect to the lecturers,

but I find it very odd that there are people who are teaching marketing

that has never done any marketing before!

Not here to complain, but the reality is I was super frustrated and lost…

I didn’t know what to do. But the funny thing was during this time,

I kept reading and learning about stock investing.

Then one day, I just decided to drop out of university. 

I thought to myself:

“OK, now I’m out of something I don’t like (university), but what am I going to do?!

I have no degree…”


Fortunately, I got a job as a stock research analyst after 1 year of searching.

Fast forward today,

I quit my job RIGHT in the middle COVID-19 (when most are hoping to not get fired) to pursue my passion online.

If you’re still reading,

I can tell you’re a person who is serious about your financial growth.

This is why I really want to help you achieve your financial goals

so that you can have peace of mind and stand out.

I want to give you the proven secrets that I discovered about money

so you can use them to paint an amazing picture of your financial life.

Where can you find them?

I do this because I discovered the secrets
of money and investing. More importantly,
I took ACTION.
About - MJ
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