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Hey! I'm John

I do online financial education with stock investing as my speciality. 

Having trained more than 5,000 students and 13 years of investing experience has helped me build a multiple 7-figure net worth. 

I did this all as the SOLE money maker in the family (I have a family of 4).

Proud to say that I have much more financial stability than people who earn way more than I.

I would say I’m in the top 5% when it comes to financial wealth right now but trust me, I was not built for success.

Being a millionaire
is not as great
as it used to be,
but it’s still a lot better
than what’s ‘normal’ today.

Born to two teachers,

I was always taught the importance of education, hard work, and discipline.

These key lessons, I thought, would give me all the success I need in the world - especially when it comes to money.

There was a big puzzle, however.

No one in my neighbourhood worked as hard as mom and dad. But why are some of them able to buy their kids Nike shoes and travel to America every year?

How did one of my neighbour buy a new car every year when he quit school at 15 to sell vacuum cleaners door to door?

Enter Robert Kiyosaki.

Thanks to his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, I realized now why my parents could not achieve financial success even though they were hard-working, discipline, and well educated.

They did not understand the power of building a business and investing at all.

That’s why they struggled.

Once I read the book and realized my incorrect thinking,

I started to learn how to invest.

Long to short: I started with property investing, didn’t like it.

Then I bought unit trust, didn’t like it either.

It wasn’t until I discovered the power of investing in hand-picked individual stocks that my net worth rocket to over a million.

Thanks to the power of investing in stocks, I still maintain my millionaire status for more than
5 years now and counting.

Still reading?

You’re pretty awesome, to be honest. I can tell you’re interested in bringing your net worth to the next level and maybe become a millionaire like me.

That’s why my partner MJ and I want to share with you the simple tips we used to be in the top 5% of our age group when it comes to money.

Where can you find them?

About - MJ
Hey! I'm MJ

I create finance-based content online mainly through YouTube and Instagram.

I’m also a stock investor with more than 5 years of experience.

These 5 years of experience has allowed me to build a personal 6-figure portfolio

all before the age of 30.

It has also given something even more special…

As I am writing this, COVID-19 is happening.

People and businesses are panicking because of financial worries.

Because of the powerful money habits and investing skills that I’ve gained since age 21, I was in a peaceful and stable place during COVID-19.

But it was not always like this...

Do things in your 20s that a 40-year-old you will be proud of.

It’s the year 2014.

I just enrolled in university to study business, 1 year LATER than most of my friends.

Feeling pretty left behind, I got discouraged.

Then, the subjects I was studying were boring AF. No disrespect to the lecturers,

but I find it very odd that there are people who are teaching marketing

that has never done any marketing before!

Not here to complain, but the reality is I was super frustrated and lost…

I didn’t know what to do. But the funny thing was during this time,

I kept reading and learning about stock investing.

Then one day, I just decided to drop out of university. 

I thought to myself:

“OK, now I’m out of something I don’t like (university), but what am I going to do?!

I have no degree…”


Fortunately, I got a job as a stock research analyst after 1 year of searching.

Fast forward today,

I quit my job RIGHT in the middle COVID-19 (when most are hoping to not get fired) to pursue my passion online.

I do this because I discovered the secrets
of money and investing. More importantly,
I took ACTION.

If you’re still reading,

I can tell you’re a person who is serious about your financial growth.

This is why I really want to help you achieve your financial goals

so that you can have peace of mind and stand out.

I want to give you the proven secrets that I discovered about money

so you can use them to paint an amazing picture of your financial life.

Where can you find them?

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