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 through stock investing.

I want to help you

 level up your net worth

Hey! I'm MJ from

I am a stock investor first, then educator.

My first 2-3 years of stock investing was a struggle. Being afraid of the unknown, panicking when things get volatile and never knowing which stocks are the best investments.


Today, I run multiple 6-7 figure portfolios with very little stress and I teach new investors how to do it + avoid the mistakes I made to shortcut their learning process!


At the age of 21, I decided to drop out of university to pursue a career in stock investing. 


The knowledge I have gained through finance and investing has not made me a millionaire.




It has given me the ability to live without any income for 4-5 years. This has allowed me to have a peaceful mind during the unfortunate period of COVID-19, where most around me were scrambling for money.


How did I do it?

Want to build your own

6-7 figure Stock Portfolio?

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Ever wonder which stocks you should be picking?

Fear of losing money stopping you from starting to invest?

Interested in becoming a profitable and skilled stock investor that's financially independent?


The "How To Build A 6-7 Stock Portfolio" free training is all about giving today's stock investor the tools, mindset, and knowledge to be a consistently profitable stock investor over the long term.


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"It is a commendable endeavor by FIRL to help retail investors become more well-informed & knowledgeable. It levels the playing field of the stock market."

Hann, CEO & Founder of Tradeview Capital

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The best place for long term stock investors. Here's where we share with you our stock analysis, stock investing tips, and how to manage money as a stock investor.


If you're ready to get some of the best secrets in the stock investing universe FOR FREE, time to binge on our videos.



National Semiconductor Strategy Will Boost Tech Stocks!

National Semiconductor Strategy Will Boost Tech Stocks!

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Capital A and Air Asia X: Road to Multi Billion Ringgit?

Capital A and Air Asia X: Road to Multi Billion Ringgit?

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Dear Malaysian Fresh Graduates...

Dear Malaysian Fresh Graduates...

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This stock is up 170% in 5 months! #shorts

This stock is up 170% in 5 months! #shorts

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